Direct Mail Services

With your mailing list built and your direct mail piece printed, it is now time to mail and get the phone ringing. Our expert Long Island mail house staff will work with you to find the most cost-effective mailing program to meet your needs, including:

Standard Mail, otherwise known as Bulk or 3rd Class Mail – This program allows you to mail a minimum of 500 pieces at various levels of saturation through the country at reduced mailing rates as low as 32 cents per mail piece for postage on average.

Every Door Direct Mail – This and related mail programs, allow you mail to a every household/business within postal route or zip code, at rates as low as 20 cents each on average.

Non-Profit Mail – Non-profits with non-profit mailing permits are able to use standard bulk mail programs and every door (saturation) programs at reduced rates, as low as 15 cents each.

First Class Mail – Sometimes you need to get your mailing to its target audiences quickly. Nevertheless, by properly sorting and preparing your mail, we can reduce the current postage rate (66 cents) significantly, depending on the level of saturation.

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