Data Targeting: How to Find Your ‘Niche’

It may be ideal to inform the masses about your company or business. But what use is marketing to people that may not even be in need of your product or services? Especially when it comes to mailing letters, postcards, and brochures to businesses or potential customers’ homes, targeting the correct ‘niche’ or demographic is essential.

Find Your Audience

Think about who your current customers are already. Determine the average age of your customers, their location of residence, income, among other criteria.  If you are a retailer, do you sell products mostly to young adult women in a local radius? If you own a restaurant, think about whether you serve mostly families, an older crowd, college students, or others.

Once you’ve figured out your current demographic, use an online consumer and/or B2B database, to find potential customers or clients that meet your audience criteria. For potential customers, you can select the geography, age, gender, marital status, and more. You can even search for people that are new to the town or the state. If you are conducting a search for businesses, you can specify by location, line of industry, number of employees, among others. You can even omit contacts based on factors such as being a home-based business.

Next, collect all the data you need such as addresses, phone numbers, and contact names. Then export the list to a spreadsheet. Now, you are free to use this data any way you like. Design, print, and then send your mailing to the addresses and call the phone numbers about a week later for a follow up.  Another way to market your business is to send e-blasts or e-newsletters to the corresponding emails you’ve collected. To take it one step further, review open and click-through data for lead generation.

Reach out to a New Demographic

Maybe you would like to reach out to a new type of audience to expand your customer base or clientele. If so, do the same as above and select all the necessary criteria to find the information you need. Save the information in a spreadsheet and use it as you wish.

One thing to consider when reaching out to a new group of potential customers is to figure out a way to attract those people. Work with a graphic designer to create marketing materials that will resonate and appeal to your new target audience. If you want to attract motorcyclists to your auto repair business that now fixes motorcycles, make sure your designs emphasize the motorcycles over other motor vehicles.

Whether reaching out to your typical customer base or a new demographic, it is important for business owners to know who their customers are and who their potential customers could be. For more help with finding your business’ niche please feel free to call us at 1-855-PRMG-123, email us at, or fill out our online contact form.