Spring Service Highlight: Building Your Mailing List

Businesses that seek to grow their brand recognition and nurture new leads benefit from developing a mailing list. Direct mail’s success relies on engaging current or prospective customers; expanding the reach of your business with a purchased or custom-built contact list is a step in the right direction.

PRMG Print & Direct Mail works with some of the leading list companies in the country and will advise and assist you in developing the list you need to reach your prospective customers.

We can also help you build and maintain your customer or business-to-business database. Our expert marketers rely on various resources, including their own knowledge and experience, to develop contact list information and to customize a plan for your business. Stay in contact with your current customers and cultivate new leads over time through a combination of direct mail, email marketing, lead tracking and follow-up mail programs. For more information visit our Target Mailing List Services page. Click here to place an online order.

Don’t Say Goodbye to Traditional Advertising

Direct Mail Still Crucial Component for Successful Marketing Strategy  

Many businesses struggle when it comes to marketing decisions. Whether the brand is just starting out or looking to reinvent itself, business owners may ask themselves which kind of marketing approach will bring a higher return on investment, attract more sales, or gain greater brand exposure. As goals vary, there is no one answer. Businesses may choose between traditional marketing, digital marketing, or a mixture of both strategies.

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